Conceptual image illustrating navigation in 3D space by selection in a scatter plot.

Conceptual Image illustrating a parallel coordinate indicator showing properties of hazardous material.

The overall goal of this project is to enable a seamless visual analysis of data involving 3Dgeometry, relational information and multivariate attributes. The key approach is to researchnew ways for achieving an unprecedented level of integration between realistic real-timerendering of 3D geometry and techniques from the field of information visualization andvisual analytics.

In a number of application scenarios, such as construction and inspection of largeinfrastructure, traffic visualization and archaeology, 3D models are used that capture the realworld at a very high level of detail, and store a large number of additional properties for eachrepresented object. In order to visually analyze such models it is necessary to provide anumber of visualization tools that can deal with such heterogeneous data in a seamless andintuitive way.

The project will research an integrated framework for visualization, navigation and interactionof both abstract and 3D geometric data. The research will be driven by a user-centered approachwhere successive prototypes will be evaluated in user studies. The tight integration of real-timerendering with state of the art information visualization will extend the applicability ofvisual analytics to problem classes that are tightly coupled to detailed realistic 3D models of thereal world.