Daughter's Day 2019 at VRVis

Daughter's Day gives girls insights into scientific professions

Top left: Colleague Dani shows the girls the multimedia guide for tactile art; photo top right: colleague Thomas reports on his projects in planetary research; photos bottom row: the girls try out Virtual Reality under the guidance of colleague Marina and Franziska

On 25 April 2019 the VRVis reopened its doors for the initiative of the Vienna Daughter's Day. Girls between the ages of 11 and 16 visited our research centre and were able to spend a day learning about the science & research profession as well as see several exciting projects. Furthermore to various demos, there was the opportunity to try out and really experience the research for themselves.

For many years VRVis has been active in the promotion of young talent. The program at this Daughter's Day 2019 was also varied and aimed to show the girls the versatility of IT and research. In addition to trying out a virtual reality application for mission planning, which VRVis programmed on behalf of the Austrian Armed Forces, the girls saw in the Multiple Senses research group how computer graphics can be used for the good of society (e.g. inclusivity and design for all) or learned about how VRVis is involved in space research. Also the girls had the opportunity to talk to female researchers and programmers about their careers, the work at VRVis and career opportunities for women in general.

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